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Lunch Menus

The Brier School is committed to promoting healthy eating and provide healthy, tasty and nutritious food and drink. Our amazing kitchen staff operate a three week rolling menu that ensures the food provided to our pupils is nutritious and of high quality; to promote good nutritional health; protect those who are nutritionally vulnerable and to promote good eating behaviour.


It is recognised that there is an important connection between diet and children’s ability to learn. It is also recognised that school can play a key role as part of a larger community in promoting healthy eating. 


The Brier School aims to create an environment that is supportive of and promotes healthy food choices as well as educating and equipping children with the skills to enable them to achieve a heathier diet now and establish life-long healthy eating habits. The Brier School children learn about the eat well plate and the importance of a balanced diet with plenty of fruit and vegetables. We actively promote and support the NHS change 4 life scheme. 


The Brier School staff eat with our children every lunchtime, supporting good food hygiene and appropriate eating etiquette such as using cutlery. Healthy choices are promoted and encouraged. Staff actively work with children and families who have restricted diets. We work with a variety of agencies such as Occupational Therapy and Speech Therapy to support children who need help with eating skills such as chewing and swallowing. 

The Brier School offers: 

  • A range of fruit daily 

  • Milk every day 

  • Access to water throughout the day

  • Opportunities to try new foods and expand pupils' diets

  • Planned learning experiences within the curriculum to learn about food and healthy lifestyles

  • A vocational qualification in cookery

  • Life skills lessons to plan and prepare healthy food and snacks

  • Opportunities to grow their own food


Click on the link below to view our full menu options.