Welcome to The Brier School

Welcome to our school, an outstanding school where all age children learn to learn, fulfil their potential and develop as young people, prepared to enter society as happy, responsible members of their community.The Brier is a flagship special school in the borough of Dudley with a strong reputation in the local community and beyond. We are housed on 'Campus 21' in a state of the art modern building in between two mainstream schools in Dudley. I am very proud to have been appointed as the lead of such a successful school. The children are so warm and welcoming, it makes working here extremely rewarding and worthwhile.

We are especially proud of the progress pupils make from their starting points and that the children are happy coming to school.The school vision is encapsulated in our motto: Preparing for life, building on our strengths. At The Brier we aim to educate the pupils so that when they leave they will be able to be part of society in whatever capacity their needs allow.

Everyone has something to offer and it is our job to ensure that we recognise all abilities, are inclusive and build on all that the children have. Our ethos is that we are an inclusive school where children, once placed at the school, will enjoy their school life, make friends and be educated safely and supportively. We have high expectations of the children and staff, and aim to find out what each individual can and could do, and build on those skills and attributes.We want to encourage an ethos where learning is purposeful, fun and rewarding. The children, in their turn, will be ready to learn and enjoy coming into school.

The staff are highly trained and dedicated to get the best from each child in a school that uses personalised learning wherever appropriate.We aim to work with parents and carers so that they too feel part of the education of their child.

Mr D Stanton

Head Teacher

Meet the members of my senior leadership team and click on their pictures to learn more about their roles in school.

Mrs A Whitnall

photo of a whitnall

Deputy Head, Designated Safeguarding Lead (DSL) and lead for children in school who are ‘looked after’ or previously looked after by the local authority.

I’m the Deputy Head who is responsible for curriculum, assessment and progress. I’m the Designated Safeguarding Lead (DSL) and responsible for pupils who receive pupil premium funding and pupils ‘looked after’ by the local authority.

Mrs B Landon

photo of Mrs Landon 

Assistant Head, EYFS/Key Stage 1 lead/TEAM TEACH trainer.

I teach in Yellow Class, a mixed EYFS/1 class, and I’m also the EYFS/Key Stage 1 lead. I’m trained in Safeguarding to advanced level and I’m the lead trainer for the TEAM TEACH intervention.

Mrs S Troman

photo of Mrs Troman

Assistant Head, Key Stage 4 lead, Deputy Designated Safeguarding Lead (DSL).

I teach in Crystals, a Key Stage 4 class, and I’m also the Key Stage 4 lead. I’m the lead VAR for the Open Award accreditation in school and I’m also the Deputy DSL (Deputy Safeguarding Lead).



Please be aware that for the safety of the children the school runs a mobile phones policyhttp://www.brier.dudley.sch.uk/media/591534/mobile-phone-and-ipad-policy-april-2016.pdfVisitors may bring mobile phones on to the school site, but when visiting the main school are asked to switch them off and place them out of sight until they leave the building and have exited the school gate.