Type Governor’s Name Responsibility Area Committee(s)
LAU Mr P Hill (Chair of Governors & Finance) E Safety/Finance Pupil discipline/Pay Policy Appeals/Finance/HR/Full Governors
COO Mrs J Smith Communication Literacy Staff dismissal/Finance/Full Governors
COO Mrs J Wothers Safeguarding/Child Protection Staff dismissal/HR/pupil discipline/Full Governors
HDT Mr D Stanton Head Teacher Finance/Human Resources/Full Governors
COO Mrs D Emery Pupil Premium/Looked After and previously looked after pupil interventions and progress Staff dismissal/Finance/Full Governors
COO Mrs L Woodfield Sport, PSE/SRE and Well-Being Human Resources/Full Governors
STF Mrs C Millward School HLTA – Community Links Human Resources/Full Governors
PGV Miss J Dougliss Mathematics and EYFS Full Governors
2019-2020 Register of business interests -
Mr P Hill:
Nature of Business: CISCO International Ltd 
Nature of Interest: Network and telephone equipment used in school via RM/DMBC (no direct involvement or benefit)