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School Survey results

The Brier School Survey for Parents and Carers 2017 -18 – Summary 

A survey for parents and carers (attached) yielded 69 responses which were analysed and the results summarised below.  The survey was anonymous, parents being asked only to identify the class that their child is in.   

The results were overwhelmingly positive with 62 or more families responding ‘Yes’ to all questions which required a Yes or No response. Two surveys (Q5 and Q8) had neither yes nor no completed. "Unsure but would hope so" was one response to Q7. Question 6 yielded the fewest yes results (66), the question related to dealing effectively with unkind behaviour One parent in Key Stage 1 commented they didn’t know as they had no experience. Another in Key Stage 4 commented, "as with everywhere things occasionally get missed. "There was only one no from Key Stage 4 but no comment was left. 

Question 11 asked for three of the best things about The Brier School.  The staff were mentioned on every completed survey. The most popular responses were:  

  • Approachable, friendly and supportive staff  
  • The safe, welcoming and calm environment which was well maintained. 
  • Happy children 
  • Excellent communication. 
  • Equality without discrimination; every child and parent being treated fairly. 
  • Professional high standards, meeting individual needs valuing and rewarding all achievements. 
  • Excellent behaviour in school. 
  • Strong leadership from Mr Hinton . He knows all pupils’ and ‘his door is always open. 

For question 12, the most popular responses (6+) when asked about important developments for The Brier School in the future were 

  • A sixth form or College provision. 
  • A bigger car park. 
  • There is no need for developments – The Brier “goes above and beyond”  already “exceeds expectations”. 

Besides the above suggestions the next most popular suggestions for improvements were: 

  • Wider range of after school clubs. (3) 
  • More support from outside agencies including extra funding (3 –rainbow pod) 
  • To know more about school day (1). 
  •  To have an onsite swimming pool/ hydrotherapy pool. (1) 
  • More supervision on the playground (1) 
  • More outdoor play equipment (1) 
  • Provide late transport home from trips