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Covid 19 Reopening: FAQ

Dear Parents and Carers  

Following the information sent out to you last week via the website and in preparation for the return of children safely to school, we add further detail to certain key points with regards to the reopening of The Brier School.  

Some common questions:  

  • Will my child be able to have hot dinners?  

    Yes, children will be able to have a hot dinner or a grab bag and these need to be purchased through the use of ‘Parent Mail’ – information for this was sent out last week to parent emails. We have enclosed a copy of the Menu for you to look at to help you to decide if you wish to purchase these meals.  
  • Can my child bring in their packed lunches in the lunch boxes? 
    Yes, children can bring in their own lunch boxes and these will be stored in their classrooms. They can also bring in a water bottle which we can send home every night for cleaning and refilling.  
  • Can my child bring in snacks to school for break and lunchtime? 
    As a school we do not allow children to take snacks out for playtime and lunchtime as we don’t want the snacks to ruin their meals. Certain ‘wrapped’ fruit, such as bananas and oranges, as well as milk, will continue to be provided and this will be monitored by classroom staff.  
  • Will my child be given a reading book to bring home? 
    Yes, they will be given reading books but upon returning these books to school we will be quarantining the books for a period of 48 hours before returning them to shelves for reallocation.  
  • If my child requires medicine, how do we get this into school? 
    If your child is brought into school by parents / carers, medication can be handed into reception with the correct medical form (if new medication) completed. The box must be labelled with their name and, if a prescription drug, must include a pharmacist’s label with your child’s name and dosage. We are allowing parents to enter the building for this purpose. 
    If they are brought in by school transport the same rules apply but please hand the medication and the completed medical consent form to the driver / escort when they arrive to collect your child and they will then bring it on your behalf.  
  • My child’s uniform has not arrived? 
    Totally Uniform have been working very hard to provide new uniforms for our children paid for by the school. This has been a challenge with current situations. However, issues beyond their control has meant that there is a short delay. The shop has been broken into on two separate occasions which has meant that they have had to work twice as hard, as well as working with the manufacturers on substantial orders. They are hoping to get these uniforms completed by Friday this week but please be understanding if they are not quite ready. Therefore students, where necessary, can come into school in their old uniform or wear their own clothes for the first few days, this will be completely acceptable.  
  • Am I allowed to come into reception to talk to staff?  

    Like most other schools, at this moment in time, we are limiting visitors to school. Therefore, if you need to speak to a member of staff, we are asking that you telephone or email the school so that we can contact you in the first instance in the same way. We can then ascertain if a face to face, socially distanced’ meeting is required. Staff will only be able to see parents and carers in this way via pre booked appointments. However, should an emergency need arise whereby you must come into school, can we ask that you wait patiently in reception and queue appropriately while waiting to be seen.  

    Please be aware at this stage that we are attempting to answer as many questions as we can, but as this is an unprecedented and challenging time for all involved, we may not have all of the answers and plans that are already in place may need to be amended as we work through the process if more suitable processes are identified.  

    Therefore, we are asking for your patience and understanding while we undertake this reopening phase.  

    Joanne Edwards 

    Designated Safeguarding Lead and Assistant Head Teacher