Makaton Lunchtime Club 2019


Every Tuesday lunchtime a Makaton “Something Special” club is run for Year 3 through to Year 11 pupils. The club began in 2012 and is, to this day, very well attended with numbers varying from 8 to 15 pupils depending on varying factors such as absence, trips, school duties, inclination and weather.

The club has its own venue, and is clearly marked. Pupils watch an episode of “Something Special” which always has a different Makaton based theme. Sometimes the pupils choose an episode, or it is selected to enhance a current topic or school trip.

Pupils are encouraged to sign during the episode, and to remember a sign they have used at the end of the session. Each pupil has their own sticker chart which records their attendance. A certificate is presented to each attending pupil at the end of each term.

Miss C. Freeman

Mrs. J Prime